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Buying From Castle Auctions

Buying from an auction can be a fun experience and you hopefully will secure some bargains! You can also find items you won’t see anywhere else – literally ‘anything’ could appear in our auction catalogues, from all over the World…

There is nothing complicated about buying at auction, however to make sure the process is as straightforward as possible, we’ll take you through everything you need to know in this guide.

Auction Catalogue

Before each auction, we publish a full catalogue of the hundreds of Lots in each auction, typically the Wednesday before a Saturday sale, a list of every item (or ‘Lot’) in number order, with a description, measurements, multiple photographs and the auction estimate range (the lower figure being the starting price). The catalogues will be shown, when ready, as red buttons next to the auction dates on our calendar page here.

Viewing Prior to Auction

If you’re interested in buying an item, you are welcome and encouraged to view it prior to auction. We have formal ‘Viewings Days’ before each auction and are usually the day before and morning of the sale, an opportunity to see, check and inspect any Lots BEFORE bidding. It’s important to understand all items are sold as seen, with NO warranty, no guarantee, no return or refunds, as explained in our terms and conditions of sale here.

Bid Live Online

We try to make the auction process as accessible as possible, that’s why our auction are broadcast Live Online, so you can watch, listen and bid live in real time from your PC, Laptop or mobile device from home, the office, beach, or anywhere with internet, to see a demonstration video please click here.

Book Bids (Absentee Bids)

If you are unable to bid live in the auction, you can still participate using Book Bids! Please click here to read details & options.

Buyer’s Fees & Costs

If you buy something from Castle Auctions you will be charged a ‘Buyers Premium’, which is normal at every auction Worldwide, and based on a percentage of the final sale price (or industry term, ‘Hammer’ price).

You must pay for the item on the day of the auction, or before the end of Tuesday after a Saturday sale. A Late Payment Fee of 3% +vat (of total sale price), subject to a minimum of €10.00 +vat, will be applied to unpaid invoices 7 days / 1 week of the auction date. Items can only be removed from the sale room upon full payment being made.

The standard Auction Premium of 16% +VAT (Total 19.04%) is payable when bidding in the room or placing ‘Absentee / Book Bids’.

An additional 3% is applied for customer using our ‘Auto-Bids’ facility or bidding Live online, 19% +VAT (Total 22.61%).

Please note: The Buyer’s Auction Premium is subject to a minimum fee of €1.68 +VAT per Lot. VAT is only charged on the commission, NOT the item costs, unless a ‘Trade Sale’ (see below).

The Buyer’s Auction Premium for purchase of motor vehicles (Cars and Vans) is typically charged at 10% plus VAT, but will be stated in the auction catalogue descriptions for those Lots.

Trade Sales

Where we are selling items for a company which is VAT registered, they are classed as ‘Trade Sales’, in this cases VAT is applied on the full hammer / sale price. These cases are stated in the catalogue description and the related fees are shown on every Lot in the auction catalogue. Please see an example of ‘Trade Sale’ charges below;

Example Sale Price = €100.00
Auction Premium @ 16% + VAT = €19.04
VAT on the full amount = €19.00

An additional 3% is applied for customer using our ‘Auto-Bids’ facility or bidding Live online, 19% +VAT (Total 22.61%).

TOTAL PAYABLE €119.00 + €22.61 VAT = €141.61.

(Cyprus VAT registered customers may be able to re-claim the VAT paid).

Payment Methods

CASH or CARD in the saleroom.

JCC SMART (please ask us for the link / payment request).

Castle Auctions Limassol Ltd, Alexandrou Papadiamanti 17a, Ypsonas, 4193 Limassol.
Bank of Cyprus (Ypsonas Branch),
Account No: 357 019 724 153
IBAN: CY41002001950000357019724153
Please state your bidder number and auction date as a reference.

‘OR’ and ‘ANYONE’ Bids.

We very often have multiple Lots in our auction of the same items or products, where, unless you are buying to resell, you probably only want to buy one, right?

But which one, they are all the same! Naturally the best solution is to watch, listen and bid live in real time, so you are in control, see the bidding activity and decide what you want to do during the auction.

Some people pick one Lot at random and hope for the best (which is a bit ‘hit & miss’ and has lower chances to win – unless you bid very strong, but could then overpay vs other Lots!)… Other customers bid on the last one, thinking the earlier ones will have sold for more and it will go cheaper… (But perhaps that’s what other bidders are thinking and the price often escalates)!…

Did you know, you can place an Absentee Bid (Book Bid) with us, and tell us to apply the bid to ‘ANYONE’ (or any two / three), of a Lot range of identical Lots, and we’ll take care of it for you.

With ‘ANYONE’ bids, we will bid on your behalf, trying to win ‘anyone’ of those Lots, upto the limit you set. This usually increases your chances of winning and levels out the average sale prices of the Lots.
Likewise, we might have two Lots you want to bid for which are similar, but you don’t want to win both; you want one, OR, the other… You can place an ‘OR’ bid!

Again, tell us the 2 Lot numbers and we will bid on the first Lot in the auction. If you win, great! We stop / don’t bid for the other lot… However, if you are outbid on the first, we will continue bidding on the second ‘OR’ item and hopefully secure that Lot, as always, at the lowest bidding increment and upto the limit you set.

Note: You can’t currently do this with Auto-Bids, so you will need to email or call us with your interests and we’ll happily assist with you OR and ANYONE bids!


We can help you with postage and also delivery of the items you win! Please see our full terms & conditions here.