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Come and bid yourself a bargain!

How An Auction Works

Auctions are a fun way to buy or and sell virtually anything! Castle Auctions hold regular general auctions throughout the year at their salerooms in Limassol and Nicosia, Cyprus.

You’ll find hundreds and hundreds of items and every auction will be different from the next! You can find items you won’t see anywhere else – literally ‘anything’ could appear in our auction catalogues, from all over the World…

Our auctions could include;

• Cars, Vans, Motorbikes and other motor vehicles
• Antiques and Collectables
• Coins and Stamps
• Electrical items such as TV’s, Computers and Hi-Fi’s
• Plant & Machinery
• Catering Equipment
• Power Tools
• Luxury Goods; yachts, super cars
• Jewelery: Diamonds, Gold, Silver, etc
• China & Porcelain, Crystal & Glassware.
• Artwork & Statues
• Musical Instruments
• General items, e.g. bicycles, household goods, furniture and much more.

Castle Auctions produce an auction catalogue for every sale and there is formal viewing days to see the items before the auction.

The auction starts at the specified date & time from Lot 1, and bidding is invited from the ‘starting price’ (the lower figure of the estimate range advertised in our auction catalogue), each interested party will raise their ‘Paddle’ (allocated bidder number), or click the Bid button on the website, and place the next bidding increment – once everyone has finished, the highest bid wins and we proceed to Lot 2, and so on…

How big is the auction?

Our regular / general auctions typically have between 800 and 1,000 Lots.

How long does it take?

The speed of the auction varies, but on average 100 to 120 Lots per hour will go ‘under-the-hammer’.

At the end of the auction, or during upon request, all successful bidders will receive an invoice for the items they successfully won, together with the auction premium and vat. This will also include the methods of payment, you are invited to collect your items at the earliest opportunity or request details of postage / shipping / delivery if required.

How can I participate if I’m working or busy?

All our auctions are broadcast Live online, where you can watch, listen and bid live in real time. However, if you are busy or travelling or unable to take part in the live auction, you can place a Book Bid. Please click here to learn more.

I’m looking for a watch, but it takes ages to browse the catalogue?

Our regular auction can have many hundreds, sometimes early thousands of Lots, usually a fascinating and varied mixture of items from all categories. We genuinely encourage everyone to browse through the full catalogue as you will find items you didn’t know you were looking for! That said, if you are a collector of certain categories or specific items, registered customers can use our ‘Auction Alert’ feature for notifications when our catalogues include certain keywords, or categories, you have chosen (it’s a free services and can be edited or stopped at anytime). Try it, if you are looking for a ‘Rolex’ watch, or any other brand names, etc.