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Why Sell at Auction

Auction, or δημοπρασία (Dimoprasia) in Greek, is a process of buying and selling, goods or services, by offering them for public bidding. Auctions have taken place all over the world and believed to date back to 500 B.C in ancient Greece and Rome.

Public auctions are a fast and fair way to sell goods and responsibly dispose of assets. Buyers bid openly against each other and everything is sold to the highest bidder.

Auctions can be a very valuable way for businesses to quickly release capital from dead stock in storage or demonstrate that a fair market price has been achieved for repossessed or abandoned goods.

The process of selling is fast, removes the trouble of storing goods, buyer negotiations, viewing appointments and turns unwanted assets into cash, fast.

Castle Auctions offer a house clearance service, work with many lawyers for estate sales and receiver managers for liquidation sales, together with a huge client list and database of customers, collectors, trade / dealers from all over Cyprus and overseas.

Interested in Buying through auction? Please click here.

Interested in Selling through auction? Please click here.