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Declutter your Home with Castle Auctions

Many of us are currently spending a lot more time at home than usual, due to the Corona Virus and lockdown measures in place. How are you coping and spending the time?

Once you’ve exhausted Netflix, cleaned the house from top to bottom and played every game you own 100 times, here is another productive way to utilise this time… Take a look around your home, each room in the house, inside the cupboards, the garage, shed or basement, the loft space, etc.

Do you have any jewellery you never wear? Are there tools or exercise equipment you never use? Do you still have Grandma’s Dinner Service in the back of the kitchen cupboard? Do you still have the un-wanted gift from your Aunty in the spare bedroom? Thought about changing some pieces of furniture?

Most families will find dozens of items lying around their home, taking up space, causing clutter and depreciating in value. They could easily be converted into hundreds or even thousands of Euros!

If you bring any suitable items to Castle Auctions, we will do our best for you and raise as much money as we can for your items. You can then use this cash to buy the jewellery you will wear, that new bike or treadmill you wanted, have a holiday, or just help pay the bills…

Don’t stop there! Although Castle Auctions don’t usually accept Clothes and Shoes, I’m sure the local charity shop would massively appreciate the donations after the temporary closure of their shops during the lockdown.

Castle Auctions saleroom’s in Limassol and Nicosia are currently closed too during the lockdown, but we are still receiving emails and would love to hear from you with any items you are considering bringing in – you can ask any questions or where possible, send photos for an initial auction estimate, this also helps us manage the space in our warehouse and plan what items are arriving and when.

We look forward to resuming business as normal, as soon as possible, most importantly when it’s safe for our staff and customers. | (00357) 25 391 537

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