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Website Updates & Bidding Notes

Some of our regular customers will notice a few subtle changes in our website, the online catalogues and bidding facilities – do not panic, everything is pretty much in the same place, but hopefully works better!

The few people who experienced some display or login issues from certain devices &/or browsers, should all be total fine now (fingers crossed) … but please let us know if you experience any problems.

Below is a refresher or introduction to some of the great features we have;

• The online catalogue has useful CATEGORY FILTERS, so you can narrow the results to help find certain items, for example ‘Furniture (Sofas)’ will show you only the sofas in the auction… You can select multiple categories or reset / clear to see everything again.
Nb. On your PC / Laptop these are listed on the left side of the page. On your tablet or mobile there is a ‘Filter, Sort & Search’ button at the bottom of the screen in the grey bar.

• You can SEARCH a specific word and you will see any Lots in the auction(s) which contain that keyword in the descriptions… also, you can enter a Lot number in the search box, if you already now it, to jump straight to that Lot in the auction!

• Most Lots have multiple PHOTOGRAPHS, showing different angles, makers mark or other details – a grey box on the top right indicates how many images there are. Click on the image to enlarge full screen and you can swipe left or click right to see more images.

• Use the ‘☆ WATCH LOT’ feature to help organise and save items to like… when you are logged in and scrolling through the auction catalogue, you can click the ‘Watch Lot’ button below any items of interest, then revisit all those highlighted in the ‘☆ Watched Lots’ (top of Category Filter list), or ‘My Watch List’ in My Account, then review and place your bids, or click the button to un-watch / remove from the list.

BOOK BID OPTIONS; You can watch, listen and bid LIVE during all our auctions… however, if you are working or busy when the sale takes place, you can enter or submit Book Bids (also known as pre-auction bids, commission bids, absentee bids) before the auction, so you can still take part and win those items you want.

When the Lot opens / is offered in the auction, the auctioneer will ask for the lower estimate figure stated in the catalogue… so, even if you left a higher bid (your maximum bid like eBay) you could still win for less.

You will see two tabs on each Lot’s page with the bidding options below;

o Absentee Bid – this is a ‘maximum’ bid which you leave with us and our auctioneer is made aware and bids on your behalf, up to the limit you set and winning at the lowest price possible. There is no extra charge for these bids.

o Auto-Bid – these are automatic bids, entered by our dynamic bidding system during the auction. The figure you bid is completely hidden from everyone, even the auctioneer! There is a 3% surcharge for auto bid facility.
There is a tick box for ‘+1’, if selected it will add one more bid (the next increment), in the event another customer leaves the same bid as you!

If you register for an auction and place your bids online, you will receive email confirmation of each bid and a list of the results after the auction. You can see Won items and Watched items under ‘My Account’.

Handy Tip; If your internet connection is un-reliable, not constant or stable, you could possibly miss your Lot(s) in the live auction!.. (when the hammer does down, that’s it, sold & no going back)… This can be extremely frustrating and completely beyond our control. To reduce the risk and avoid this potential problem, you could place an ‘Auto-bid’ for the item and you still continue bidding LIVE ‘if’ someone out-bids you… Otherwise, sit back and watch your bid win the item!

• Have you tried our AUCTION ALERTS? If you collect certain items, or interested in categories we regularly list, you can setup an Auction Alert, free of charge, under ‘My Account’. You will be notified when our auction catalogue contains those keywords, or items in your category of interest. Example: enter the word ‘Rolex’ if you are looking for a new Rolex watch… or you can use the category filer ‘Watches’ and you will be sent all the watches we put in the auction. It is a free service and you can edit or un-subscribe at any time.

• You will have to create separate accounts for the Limassol and Nicosia salerooms – but why not use the same email and password for both!

Handy Tip; If you are planning, or likely to spend over €100 (one hundred Euros) bidding LIVE in the auction, it would be cheaper to register and bid through and you have the option to pay a fixed £3 fee and NO 3% ONLINE BIDDING FEE!

Easy Live Auction is the online bidding platform we use for our online auctions, it’s an excellent network of auctioneers throughout the UK and Europe. It is free to create an account on Easy Live Auction (you can use the same email and password as our site). The catalogue and bidding facility are the same as ours.

Nb. You will be required to register a debit card to verify your account, it will authorise an amount less than £1, but NOT collect the payment.
We hope you have a good experience using our online auctions and win everything you bid on!

As we are constantly trying to improve, please do report any problems or suggestions you have.

Good luck & happy bidding!

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